– Bring Origin back to this show. More.

Let’s be bold to own our heart, all the time.

There is Light
In light,


Lit in spiral
Of life;
Light years in,
Of reality:
Real Life.

What is reality?

Do we want a reality
That we can see?
Do we want reality
To be just seen?
Or felt, underneath?
What reality do you wish
To accompany you
In your happiness and through?

What reality do we want?

Reality hurts
Reality cures
Reality stays
Reality becomes
Core, Stay, Core.
Life, in fact
Reality becomes;
The thing to manage,
To last,
In our recipe of happy life.

Reality makes our life harsh or halo blast.

How to control our reality
So others don’t control our hearts?

How can we own
Our heart?

I wish to know.

I want to leave this world of influences wrong.
I want to leave this world of wrong.
I wish to live in world of inner peace; bold.
I want to be bold to leave puppet people; wrong.
I want to survive to this world,
And help people to see hope
In being human with values,
In being good for whole,
In being well intentioned,
In being reasonable in realities of wrong.
No matter how wrong reality portraits: bold.

I want to leave the bold wrong.
I want to survive this wrong world.
I want to build my world
Of happiness. I want.

Not in this world.
This happens outside our current world.
This happens inside cores taught
By spirits of valued core
In infancies,
In innocence of just born
This happens in Origin.

I know, this is not how life evolves.

I know. Still, we can shape this life some more, and conform to reality of human core. More.

We bring origin bold back into this show. More.

And we change the world.


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