What if Innovation is set to “Autonomous”, we let it happen, when on course to meeting a Purpose? Would it be good for Society?

Purpose makes Innovation Autonomous,… Innovation is People, then there are innovative business / financial / commercial models, and tech,… and the critical link are still,… Humans, with Purpose.

Purpose drives people to self-transition towards the future, their future, and to create, autonomously. The Panacea of Effortless Innovation.

Innovation2021: Purpose-Driven, by Humans, enabled by technology, I believe.

The journey to start a transition towards meeting a Purpose that sits in the future,… such journeys start today, in the present. People are the key enabler to make them happen.
Innovation is for the future. And it happens today. Let it Happen Today, so we can start the transition to the future we want.

Transition. Continuum. Innovate. Today. Non-stop.

Purpose-Driven Society, Innovates by itself.

Let’s set Innovation to “Autonomous Mode”! Non-stop.

End of today’s SLOG

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