2022 Empathy Will Make Humanity Stronger.

Let’s make Empathy become “Humanity’s sixth sense” in 2022. No more hidden individuality behind plasma screens. 2021We felt oneInside our hearts,In our willingness to belongTogether.We enjoyedPeopleAs individualsBehind plasma screens… felt forever. 2022Our hearts are together,Our will, our soul.We enjoy the freedomOf being presentIn physical formForever more.That’s whatWe wish for. 2022This war on covid and anxiety,Physical [...]


What if Innovation is set to “Autonomous”, we let it happen, when on course to meeting a Purpose? Would it be good for Society? Purpose makes Innovation Autonomous,… Innovation is People, then there are innovative business / financial / commercial models, and tech,… and the critical link are still,… Humans, with Purpose. Purpose drives people [...]