SOCIETY#21 SLOG: moments of joy… social togetherness… 3D again. A pledge.

Reflections from an isolated humanity.


Society has been looking for moments of life, of rejoining joy.

Societies in search of joy, hope, love,… humanity’s best attributes.
And of ways to care for it, share it; in joy, in peace, and in love.

Ways to rejoin… and ways to forget, ways to forgive… for what Society may feel it needs to be forgiven,…. already forgotten in the joy of the moment,… forgiveness given, when we are together.

Forgiveness attained, at low cost,…. lower cost than otherwise…. is it sufficiently low?,… someone will pay for Society’s joy.

Loving moments, that we all missed, and want back. Warm moments, and ways to communicate what we feel deep inside; we are “feelings machines”,… we express our feelings in moments, like this.

Moments to recharge, gain, acclaim we can be back to social joy; in peace, in caring share; we all win, not just England or Argentina, or Italy or Spain, USA and China and the world in some new order again; should not care, what order is there, for humans to joy.

Beyond all noise, we must recover the joy to be humans in a planet made for us. We are too lucky. We must uncover our luck. Now. And make the new norm be a norm of joy, again. Just as simple as that. New Joy is the Norm Ahead.

United, moments of unity; Society, moments of togetherness; that bring strength, the strength generated by people,… any person, normal people, people united, people together, in 3 dimensions, for rebooting society, for people’s joy. Again. New Joy Norm. And Joy.

Social Media —- is not Social for humanity. It is Social for Individuals of power and manipulation. We humans make it Social when we want it to connect, us, together again. Connecting Media is the New Joy Norm. Connecting People, Nokia again, in Digital World.

Digital barriers,…. digital layers…..
No need of them.

Connecting through Digital, Connecting beyond “social virtual”. We must re-connect.
United – not divided.

Togetherness — in 3D.

Moments of Joy. 3DSocial. Togetherness. Back. For Humanity. Now.

And we save the world



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