TRANSIENTS#21 SLOG: Create the future: Trust Digital.

Digital can create our future.

Digital is creating our future already, silently,…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built in,… everywhere…. well, perhaps not quite yet, just “most-where”. That is a new word I just invented, it might exists in the future.

By enabling our systems and processes to be run by AI, we humans gain Time, back, for us to exploit it as we wish. A new “Time-making” machine, thanks to applied digital and AI technologies.

And Time,… you know…. Time is our most precious asset, for each and everyone of us,… for Time does not last forever for anyone of us. Precious!.

Even for those who believe in eternity, life beyond this physical human life phase on Earth,… even for them, Time is the most precious asset at this Earth moment in time.

Digitalisation of systems and processes, automation of tasks through digital technologies, further improved automation through AI,… is our future.

Because it frees up humans from wasting time; it creates possibilities for humans who,… mostly for those humans who recognise Time as their most valuable asset, and who want to make use of Time to create more value for them, as takers, and for others, as givers. Extra Time for free, to create joy for everyone. If we could build full Trust in AI. Precious.

I wish humanity reaches the point when AI is truly trusted to operate on its own, a point when we can Trust AI even beyond our trust in the people we trust.

Let’s build Trust in Digital and AI.

We Create The Future.



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