– Time: Treasure of life.

Build up joy in your every type of time.

Two years.

Only two years
Since first lockdown freedom begun…
And time passes
And flies and flies
And flies

Two years
That seems five
… it flies.

And time is here
To be taken at times.
At all times…

At times when it feels hard,
And times of joy and blast;
All times are golden
For time is finite,
And it is here
To be taken
By us.

Or else…
To take us,
Our life,
Away from us.
That’s time, when left
At its own device.

Two years since end
Of lockdown times of
Intense pain within,
Within lockdowns,
Without peace of mind.

Two years that seemed
To have become
An entire
A new life lived
Lockdown briefs of crushed
On our new life.

Lockdown time that turned
Into source of light;
Renewed spirits, hearts,
Truths, inner sights.
Expressed outside
Over time.

For time is always,
And will always be,
The most precious
For us to use
In this form of life.

Enjoy every portion
Of the time you are given in (this) life.
Painful, joyful, grateful, plentiful, wasteful…
All sorts of time;
A source-side of our very own energy
To live life.

Enjoy Your every type of time:
Build up,
And up, your life.

With time.

and we change the world… over time.


A hUmAn21 SLOG.

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