“World Away” the “Worlds Apart”

No more wars for personal ego-lust.

World feels happy
When World moves.
People make the World
People on the move
Bring happiness to this World.

On “masks on” mode
On “masks off” mode
People come, and go.
The World moves
As people move around
in the World.

In energy
Experiences of the past
Make the present again.
Making present last.

The World is happy
When the World moves
Around happy people
On the move.
Mental moves
In Physical moves.
Mental Moves
In alive brains of good.

The World is happy
When happy people move

Is life.
It is life.
Movement is life.

For good
For else
For life;
Make for a happy life.

The world needs to be in the good mood again
For people to energise it, and energise back from it
Positively, Again.
A World on the move energises Societies…
People back again!.

People must be allowed back in full freedom of hearts and brains.

Societies in fair sharing of positive energy are Societies of joy:
Societies in charge of making the World
A positive energy

A place of getting rid
Of wars of energy
Thrown in;
Of wars of power-ism of the few
Thrown into innocent people
To handle.
Soldiers, Citizens, Soldier Citizen…
Energy thrown into unnecessary wars
Of evil, of power, of egos, of fear to lose power,
Shared by evil spirits of humans,
Still around.

Keep the world away from people of power-ism.
Away. Keep them afar…

Give the World back to people with genuine spirit of human goodwill
Deeply built in their minds,
Deeply built in their hearts.

Deeply built in their acts.

Societies of progress in equality need no ego-powered fictitious charm.
No matter how smart… no matter the progress smart egos are to promise back.
It is not worth it for us.
We give their smartness back, to them,
For them to enjoy it, if they can, in their own World, Apart.
In a world sealed away from the rest of us.

No clubs of hidden clutter of the spirited in lust.
No such clubs in our Societies to come.
Throw egos of lust away and afar
Throw progres made of lust apart;
For it is a mirage
For the majority of us,
A progress existing
In ill-conceived brains of people of lust.
It is not for us.
World it Apart!

We still live Worlds Apart
One World for them few.
One World… for the rest of us.

People can build
The alternative World
Of mass share,
Of working hard,
Of enjoying hard,
In societies joined up
For progress in peace, of mind, of heart, of acts.
In Societies of shared respect,
For generations of shared wealth in a global blast, to last.

It is possible, if Societies want it hard.
For the barriers are always great.
Mass Minds in Unison are far greater that any barrier made of just few hundred thousand minds infected by lust.

No more Worlds Apart.
No more wars of personal lust
In the name of many
Whose mind is clean, in clean heart.
Or this World would not make it
Into happiness that last.

This drug, that eradicates ill-willingness from the minds and acts of people tempted with spirits of egoism and lust… this drug is the one we “pandemic” the World into. Fast!

We can make a World Away from egos of lust-powered, of mass-inflicting harm.

Away… no more Worlds Apart.

One World Away!
In All Minds.
In All Hearts.
In All Acts, at last.

and we change humanity, for our One World to last.
Until we find another one.



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