– Let Truth Lie Outside.

Trust the open sharing of the truth. What are you afraid of?


In inside
Gestures of lies.

Are gestures
Of harm,
In the long run.
That harm everyone’s heart.
In the longest of runs.

Run away from gestures
That live inside
For too long.

Away from gestures
kept inside
For power game’s sake…
In long late runs of life,
They just harm
Your heart.

Outside is where
Power weakens up;
Where Power’s weaknesses
Are beaten up,
At last;
Where strong individual power doesn’t last
But builds up fast,
Getting stronger,
With joys of powers shared by mass.

Outside is where the battle
Of fair hearts
Stands a chance,
Cause we all are made
Of equal chance,
In games of fairness
Of the Outside land.

Power is Power
In the inside of clans,
Of know-it-all self-made equal hearts…
Today’s hearts
Of power made to last
Are keeping the world
This hard.
For us.

The world does not need to be this hard
For anyone.

Which heart you want
To pump your life up?

This heart of Worlds
Of “Insides” in need
To keep their force
Away from wear and tear of the mass?
Immaculate jewel, untouched…?

An immaculate waste of life.

This heart of Worlds
Of “Outsides” in need
To create balance
In forces engaged
In self re-construction
Into stronger ones,
From having formed
With others
Who reshaped
And built strength up,
Unafraid of
Their hearts.
At the right time.
At the same time.
Building strength
In all of us.

A stronger-together joy of life.

No harm
In Power sharing
In “Outside Worlds”
Unafraid to
To everyone.

For “Power is Power”
And it burns everything down.

Inside-contained fires
Burn your inside down.

Outside-shared fires
Build each other
Larger crowns,
Of strong strengths,
That are balanced,
Multi-shared all around.

Worlds lived Outside, What are you afraid of?

Your Outside-shared-exposed
Will change everyone’s World
For better joy-spreading

Share your soul, out.
Let the truth lie outside.
What are you afraid of?

Don’t be afraid… of the truth.

And we can change the world.



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