– I Care, to live.

Genuine Care Heals the World.

Care is health
And success.
Care is life.

Care for hearts in duress
That recover from stress
By the actions of the core
That the person rescues back
From the bottom of their souls,
That the person sources up
To give back to the world,
In empathy and genuine search
Of how caring heals the source
Of successful happy cores.

Individuals of great core
Made of values that reflect
The importance that it takes
Caring, and care
For everyone’s success,
For own mental physical health.

Care is health for the world:
Enterprises, governments, influencers, families, personal lives …
Care in recipes that create
Societies of success
In happiness on time;
On time to construct
Societies for tomorrow,
Strength for today.

Care is power to govern
Souls in careless attitudes
Who will always lose the game
Unless the act is centred, strong
In making genuine empathy the core.

Care is fashion of the past
In societies ill of lust.
Care is needed to become
Trend, fashion, influencing fact
And the world will gain, at last.

Care for others
Care for world
Care for health around all courts.
Care for environment
Care for earth
Care for planet in all aspects.
All species, nature, space;
All humanity,
Every corner left unturned,
Made of cores filled with care.

Care for making
The value to nurture,
Save our world.

Care as value.
Care as health.
Care as human value to put first.

Make Care Genuine …

And we save the world.


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