– She. Queen Elizabeth II

Tribute to Her.

She Reigned.
She Reigned
In majestic charm
Of Women of Stature;
Of Women that last
As Mothers of time,
Of Humanity,
And People,
Of Nations,
Mother of Trust.

Caring Mothers, Women Are.

She was.
She is in people’s hearts.
She reigned with values
To make people survive
Beyond all times
Generations and generations to come;
With values to be remembered,
Values to have
For generations of all class.

Making people behave as One
When the times come hard,
As people shared these values
Values beaconed
From Her Majesty’s heart
Exposed into the Public
At every single one of Her acts.
Values that unite generations
And generations that
One day will realise
Where their strength emanates from…

From deep inside Her heart,
Rooted into the Public’s individual minds
One by One.

A beacon of constant service and caring charm.

Only Mothers can make people feel united for no explicable act.

She was The Queen.
She was the invisible Mother of generations, and of generations to come.

Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
A Woman.
A Mother.
A Beacon.
A Public Servant for generations, decades, history to come.

We learn from women like Her.

and we change the world.


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