– Reflections Are Life

Become a reflection of your best possible life, every time.

Reflecting on reflections
As all is reflected back
To us,
From angles
In time.

You feel experiences,
Which experience
Do you really feel?
That gets to you
Through intensity
Of thoughts,
Of traits,
Of touched

Experience sensed?

Sensing the experience
Creates the feel
Of experiencing

Which life do your senses sense?

Senses are all
We trust in
To check that feelings
Are ours
In mind,
And heart;
So our experience
Reflects the true impact
Of life
In us.
True reflections of us:
Our soul, our truth, our values, our life.

Reflections are dual
By default.
Projections of others’
Projections that merge.
Reflections of hearts,
And minds,
Into one signal
For us;
Reflections in dual projected clash.

How do you know which signal
reflects your inner heart?

Reflecting on how
Shown through our sensors…
Senses of tact, smell, view, taste, touch…
Reflects who we are
Back to us.
Distinguishing our consciousness
Of who we truly are,
From the unconscious self
We do become,
When merged
With reflections
Of every other’s lives
That matter to us.
Which others’ lives do matter to us?

Consciousness of lives
Our senses identify
As reflections within
Bring unconscious sensing
Of who we truly are.

When your are conscious
On what your chosen
Built from people
You truly align with and trust,
Your senses can reflect back
Who you look to become…
To you and everyone.
Your senses map
Who you truly are, back.

You become a reflection of your best possible life.

and you change the world, for you and all of us.


A hUmAn21 SLOG.

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