Mimic Nature

Reborn in a renewed sameness-looking change to better this life.

As Nature has witnessed the recent suffering from humans, She has got stronger and renewed inside, and has chosen this spring time to reveal their inner-built strength into the naked eyes of humans, by showing her presence off, like never before. This way, humans got a chance to understand that Nature is, and has been there all the time; that Nature is, after all, this other part of us; that we are one. Spring 2022 Nature, She is showing off more, so humans, this time over, have a choice: can get themselves reborn in the same Nature’s way; just by taking more of their inner selves into the naked eye of others; just by choosing to openly experience a closer life to equally naked heart humans around, and to all humans around, mimicking Nature.

Spring is life
Spring is here.
It is life
For life,
It is here
For life.
Spring is part
Spring… of life.

Spring is color
Cleansing act
Of all that
As it is born again.

Nature returns
On same colors
Same trees


Never the same.

Nature is wise
Nature refreshes
Every time
In front of our eyes.

Nature tells us
That every year
We have a choice:
To follow Nature’s
And get reborn
In that sameness
When sameness is renewed,
As nothing ever
Stays the same
Ever yet
In our Planet Earth World.
Never same inside You Your World.

Cleansing, clearing, inner, pure, newness new.

A chance to learn
From Nature again;
For those who want
To listen,
To take
The learning,
The feeling
The willingness, and braveness
Of getting reborn
In sameness… inside?
In a never sameness of time.

We listen to Nature
We follow the steps of inner cleansing clearing pure act;
We mimic that sameness-looking change,

and we change the world.


A hUmAn21 SLOG.

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