– Pride Out.

Societies of human pride values will change the world.

Pride is not made by force.
Pride is not felt under force.
Pride is not won by force.
Pride is not protected by hiding it.
Pride is felt out of positive outcomes of your actions.

Feeling proud, outcomes based.
This way, Pride is felt outside you, too.
By others who see positive outcomes
For them, of you, or others, through you.

Positive outcomes
Generate a sense
Of Pride
In the Doer
In the Receiver.
In Society.

In the energy sense
Of positivism.
In the human value sense
Of energising
With human traits of social good, of respect, of family values.
Respecting People.

Proud of You:
For your positive outcome, affecting others, positively.
A great way to be proud.
Of You.

Feeling Proud, of Yourself:
In the inner-know that you are positive
For the world;
Even if the world pushes your Pride inside.

People pushing people
“Winning by Intimidation” type of people
A school of business success for some…
So very common, everywhere.
So very common, we think it is norm.
People intimidating others out of power seeking
Power gaining
Power gaming
Are the norm
In worlds of capital egoism
That destroys the world
While making few
Win… a rich sad inner life…
That’s the norm in egoism-feeling unhappy inner lives.

Next time someone intimidates you, feel proud; for you have been identified as a great human with Pride and values that cannot be bought; identified as someone who will change the world when finding togetherness of the alike Societies of Pride; when gaining strength through your inner self and inner selves of the many like you around.

You are a silent majority in this world.

So, Pride out!

Be proud of your family human values. As the Human of Pride we all inner-are.

Proud your Pride Out!

and we change the world.



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