hUmAn21’ s World


The world looks like you see it,… and this represents how I saw it few months back while I was at England isolated at home, and alone. The North and South poles are of a very pure blue, they are the giving us the energy we need to keep going and take care of the Planet. The sea is healthy green. There are connecting lines that represent my personal most travelled air routes over the last few years,…  these routes have created a mark…. a CO2 mark, and we now look at the way we can stay connected while we take better care of our nature.

The new world concept resides in the power of nature to prevail humans, and the power of humans to live in balance with nature, while still staying connected.

Created 15th June 2020

50 in stock


Pixel width 1920px
Pixel height 1080px
Physical width 163mm
Physical height 91mm
DPI 300

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