Humans have been born in our Universe, and receive all the energy from it, to create themselves, their communities, and live life within the environment that surrounds them,… and humans are gifted with the ability to create by themselves, taking advantage from all that nature provides: energy and environment. Humans are so intelligent that they create the parallel world made out of digital, where human-ideated and made technology comes to rescue humanity’s shortfalls, allowing humans to live better lives…. only when harmony and balance between digital and physical is achieved. Digital is so well created that starts to become intelligent, and self-organises itself to tackle human issues,…  digital technology keeps organising towards perfection, in the background,… and one day they will form the eUniverse…. that needs to be shared with humans, with the hUmAn21. At that point, the hUmAn21 will need to find the best balance between nature and digital….  the sun shines right on top of digital order in this frame…. in the hUmAn21 eUniverse.

Created 10th May 2020

50 in stock


Pixel width 1714px
Pixel height 4096px
Physical width 330mm
Physical height 788mm
DPI 132

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