– Future Feels Us

transitioning to Japan.

It’s emotional.
It’s the past.
And the present.
And what’s to come.
All emotions in a rush.

It’s the future in life.
What we see,
In the inner of our eyes,
Your eyes…
The future
In front of us.

It’s the future
We don’t see
What intrigues
The mind,
And makes us last
In wonders of time
To come by.

It’s exciting
When it comes
And we see
The future
As reflection of your heart.
Into ours.

It’s exciting when it lasts
From past, to present
In projections of star.

Star times felt to come.

For when all is set
From the bottom of your heart,
On foundations of what has
Previously made you blast,
In caring, sharing, loving acts;
It is then that
The future
In joy
Just in front of us:
At reachable
Of your felt-to-be

Future you can feel
Is future worth to last,
At reachable distance,
Right in front of us.

For us to grab.


and we change our world.


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