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As humans living in the 21st Century, we can transform our world, we can transform humanity; the real 21st Century starts now.

Digital technologies, when combined with our human natural talents, strengths and social values, can accelerate a transformation, moving gradually from what it has been a stretched 20th century stint over the first 20 years of this century and towards a new society. The 20 years past since 2000 have just been a continuation of the 20th century societal model, and now, since last December 2019, the world has started to shift towards a new model where individuals can be Free. Social and Digital to transform society and businesses as we have known them. This individual is what I call the hUmAn21, these humans lead our transformation.

The hUmAn21 indidividuals create Health for themselves and everyone, Health for the Planet, “Greeness”, and Wealth for Everyone; they do it as individuals, one at a time, as members of networks, the new societal way to collaborate in pursuit of common purpose that benefits everyone, augmented by the adoption of digital technologies. The hUmAn21 is Free. Social. Digital.

The time to transform humanity in this way is now; it is our “new now”. December 2019 marked the beginning of this transformation at a global scale, and of the hUmAn21 era. A new era based on the balance of individual strengths, combining to form societal strength, through digital networks that become the prevailing way to do business in the newly refreshed 21st century, a new “social business” model.

Transformations may happen slowly, and will happen when there is a start and enough willingness form a critical mass of people to join the movement. Our transformation is a digital transformation in its core and we start it here in this blog, today. Days, weeks, months, years, decades later the transformation will hopefully still exist as groups of individuals would have created digital networks of Health, Greeness and Wealth that benefits everyone, one network at a time.

As with any other transformation that happens from within, this time humanity will run the hUmAn21 led transformation from our current society, in parallel with the-way-things-are-done over this Planet right now; the hUmAn21 movement would lead the way for the willing to bring humanity back to its origins, Free, Social and only this time balanced as augmented with 21st century digital technologies.

From tribes to institutions to markets to networks, humans have organised in groups from the onset; the hUmAn21 will create digital networks to organise their basic needs better than ever before, and will turn such networks into businesses that are social. Social Digital Networks created by the sum of individuals’ strengths contributions will start transforming humanity. I believe in this.

Do you believe? Starting is easy, just join the community here. We will have fun!

If you are an individual who love your freedom and believe you have natural talents you were born with

Or one who believe you can put your natural talents to work for you and make you feel strong at what you do

Or you are willing to share, so that others can benefit as well from your uniqueness while you benefit from others’ uniqueness

Or you believe in the power of digital technologies and embrace them as the way to augment your humanity

Or all or most of the above,…

Then you are a hUmAn21 already and I would love to have you as part of this movement, a community with the purpose to transform humanity with the social use of data and human strengths, one step at a time, from the reset 21st century, from now.

Belong to human21.digital, leave your comment, join the conversation, explore the Social Citizen channel, the Digital Network channel, take a look at my digital art!…. Belong.


We Start Here

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