Warm In


Life uncertainties always exist. And life tunnel shows always deep, for it is felt with multitude of experiences, past, and more importantly, experiences forward, to come. The tunnel is brightly lit when your heart is brightly in shine, in tune with the strength of making your next chapter in life one of joy, fulfilment, deep joy. You jump, naked, as you are; and make the light shine, inside, warm, for you: your life.

Korea Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2022.

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Original Photo:
1/100. f/2.8. ISO4000

Created 16 July 2022, Seoul, Korea
Edited 14 August 2022, Southampton, UK

Digital Media:
Pixel width 7500px
Pixel height 5000px
Physical width 635mm
Physical height 423mm
DPI 300
PNG file

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