CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Reinvent,… or Die,… Hard. Fast.

Go Software. Go Networks. Go Experience. Go Digital. Software. Software Integration —- to control and produce outcomes. Software Integrated,…. Integrated Software,… a System! Systems…. Integrated…. into Chains, forming Networks,… Soft Chains. Networks: a part get loose, a part wants to go loose…. no problem; a new part could come in and accommodate, so the Chain’s [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Connect the Disconnected World

Disconnected Connections addTo disconnected connections’ friendsWhile the rest of humanity watchesThe connections made and made againFar away the main.Gain. In between interest.In between people.In between traders’Friends.In between friendsOf the past, present, for the future of friends. Connected friends.Making connectionsTo disconnect from the rest.As connections matterThe most for friendsOf shared interest.Where there is a trendThat links [...]