– Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

In Social Values, We Live; Trust; Survive. Values. We talk about “values” all the time in business life. Every company has “Company Values”. Yet, does every company share a definition of what a “company value” is?Or what are they for?And, why are they necessary? Beyond this, does any company debate whether values are truly necessary? [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: We want Christmas.

Dimensions of human passion… felt and shared… in fullness, again. We want Christmas,Be alive.We want pleasureIn our life. Pleasure fromBeingOnce againWith the Christmas feel,And then… Then we meetAnd greet,And meet,And meet againIn 3D flesh,In human shapes;Full dimensions, againIn all dimensionsLife is made…of. We want joy,And friends,And friends.We want ChristmasYet again. Yet no moreStolen fest,Stolen dreams,Stolen [...]