SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Money flows… to Earth?.

Flow universal wealth to technology that saves our Planet.

Money flows
Save the planet,
Sink the planet,
Ruin people?
Save humanity?

Money flows

Are important
To our Planet’s Health.

Technology is expensive
To create, mature, adopt
In safety, security, sustainability.

We need technology to mature,
To save our Planet.

Safety costs.
Security costs.
Adoption costs.
Of cost,
Over the current costs at today’s Societies.

Costs, new costs…
Who wants to divert wealth
To cover the cost that takes
To save our Planet?

Who has the wealth
To divert
To cover the costs
And save our Planet?

We know, they know…

Technology got the world
And humanity
Where it is now.
Technology will place the world
And humanity
Where they want to be next:
A green Earth,
A healthy Planet,
A sustainable future for all.
Nature in all its forms of life,
Including human kind.

Technology that heal the world… costs… lots.

When will the flow
Of money that secures
Technology costs
Be oriented
To cover
Technology development
At the pace…
…the planet needs it?

Technology for war,
Of humans,
Costs lots.

Lack of technology
To reach “zero goals”
At the needed pace,
Costs health to All,
Planet and Humans… All.

Money, does it flow
In the right way?

A shift in flow is what we need,
Away from goals that are not “zero”,
On the run to zero…
Change the path
Away from waste
Of flows of money
Away from health
Of Planet.

So many wasters of money, and wealth!
Let money and wealth flow to technology,
From everywhere,
To where talent is,
To where willingness is,
From where richness resides…
Into the pockets
Of the willing
Who work for us All.
For the Planet Earth’s
For real Health.

and we change the world


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Being in love with Earth.

When we heal the Earth, we heal our world for universal health.

No countries.

Map borders?
As they have always been;
Invented by map makers.
World order makers.

New boundaries.


For those who want to see them.
For the ones that are exposed to get spotted.
For the boundaries that are set to keep the world going
In the way the few decide
The world needs going
For the next while longer.

For a while?,
A while longer.

Long while?,
Long enough for new generations?,
For our children?,
And grandchildren too?.

Yes, a long while longer,
Of uncertain length,
As no one really knows
Our Planet Earth.
And we are still to invent
The communication wizard
That makes Earth
Sit at the helm
Of COPs and COPs
And of dinner table events
To stand a chance to get
The cure it deserves.

Give Earth the presidential table’s head.

What cure we all give
To Planet Mother Earth?,
When Mother miss the feast
Of potion of preparedness health?

New World,
All there
To listen to Earth?…
Who listens to Earth?.

To listen
To Earth!.

And get Earth a chance
To heal and heal,
And change
Our lives for best for good,
In Earth, for good in health.

Right step by right step,
We drive universal health
By being in love with Earth.

Let’s be in love with Earth.

and we change the world