CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Which World You Keep?

Which World is worth it, for You?

Two Worlds,
Few Worlds

To choose from.

Which World
Is Right
For You
To keep?

We start.

This World,
Is great, is green, is gross,
Is big
In what
you want it
To be…
Is it?.

What do you want
Your World
To be big

World of… You
World of… Rest
The Rest… exist;
Which one is right, for You?

World of Dreams,
Your Dreams,
The Rest’s…

It is.

Cause your world, gets hidden
By theirs’
When theirs is all
They want you to see.

The World, Your World, You know;
It is in your imagination,
Made out of your senses,
All your senses.
It is real,
In your imagination.

It is a made up world,
Unlike yours,
Made up of their

Which imagination do you want to spend time at?

Keep your imagination
To see your world
For yourself.
Unblind your world
From someone else’s.

The World
You see
In yourself,
For yourself,
Should not cause you harm.

Your harmless world,
For yourself,
Should not cause harm
In Theirs’.

So Theirs
Is worth
For them
To keep,
Deep in their imagination…

Imagine all worlds
Are harmless
To keep
For All.

Harmony of harmless worlds.
Such worlds
Are worth keeping
In us All,
To make it One
In All’s

Harmless In Harmony Worlds.
Making the impossible possible?
It is possible
When this is what
Powerful human minds

Humans mind harmless worlds.

and we change the world


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Ambition, Humans, Ego, Respect, and Values.

Respect ambition. Ambition is respectable. Ambition moves the World.

Ambition!…. Please, Respect Back.

Life is a balanced Give-and-Take,…. It should be, continuously, between humans.

Respect,…. Humans do respect.

What is valuable in humans?.

Is there any value in “respecting others”? What value does it give you, to “respect others”?

Why should you respect,…. Others?; You may feel it of value,… and then you wonder again: “is that a value I do anything valuable with?; what do I gain with it? Is there a point of “adding this human value to my list” if I cannot get any gain out if it?

Yes there is.

The value of “Respecting” is the “Respect you get back”. The value of respecting others in a continuous basis is a human great value to me, for it creates the value of being respected back. The energy flow positive to positive, and humans save the world joyfully together. Naturally Positive Together. Powerful.

Respect is human, a human trait. A trait of humans that respect traits that represent the nature humans are made of, at birth, anywhere they are born. Humans raw nature is very valuable.

Respecting humans, respecting values that are human by nature,… is the same thing, for everyone, for me.

Egos are on every one; every one of us is an Ego.

Egos live within everyone; we live life, with others, not in isolation, for the majority of us.

When Egos live only with their own selves,…. Would those Egos stay valuable to other humans? To communities?

Ambition mixed with Egos that are isolated, that exist within themselves only, out of lack of genuine sharing, creates Egos of unbalanced Great “Take” and small “give”, of unbalanced respect.

Egos that are not humble.

Egos that are not sharing enough. And genuinely.

Egos that keep “give-and-take” unbalanced for too self-conveniently short or long,… self-conveniently, on purpose.

Such Egos

Are not Humans

of Value

To Me.

Respect Ambition,…. When it is part of a Human Value.

RESPECT,…. To be Respected,…. Humans in complete, continuous Give-and-Take Balance, are Respected Humans of Value.

I know, too philosophical. Great to see you at this point.

And we save the world.