I want to Fly

And build humanity up again. Want to fly.Fly Want to reach.Far Want to leave.Fast Want to flyHigh Up Want to feel.Love.Patch Want to give.Love.Blasts Want to feelHuman.Touch Want to escapeHumanEvilness.Acts So much. Want to beAnother typeOf human,Kind. Want to buildHumanity.Up, Back. Worried about … Climate?And Change?And Fiction?Wars?…… Purposed-builtFear,Loss …? SustainabilityThreatsThat paralyseFreedomOf mind? ControllingHeadsFor societiesTo dependOn? [...]

– I Care, to live.

Genuine Care Heals the World. Care is healthAnd success.Care is life. Care for hearts in duressThat recover from stressBy the actions of the coreThat the person rescues backFrom the bottom of their souls,That the person sources upTo give back to the world,In empathy and genuine searchOf how caring heals the sourceOf successful happy cores. Individuals [...]

– Time … to Care.

This life’s time. Time.Life.Time.Lived. Life Of Time:To careFor us,For all.TimeTo careIn life. There’s time to shareThe pain,And show respectTo build what lasts;For all to haveThe joy to beContent,Fulfilled,Proud to beIn this life. In life that cares,To give and take,And care to giveWhat’s felt to beRequired to haveBy human’s nature,To farm insideThe caring hearts,Of human’s life [...]

– ¡Viva 2023!

Energías de Almas Convergentes nos traen la felicidad. Porque 2023 trae la FelicidadEn Paz.Porque trae el bienestarEspiritual,Que surge de las almas que se vanY llenan nuestro mundoDe lo que importa de verdad:La felicidad en bienestarDe corazones que amanA los seres queridos de verdadPor siempre jamás. Por siempre jamás.Porque la verdad en el amorNo tiene limites [...]

– María Jesús

Y cambiamos el mundo presente Arte Digital: “Open”, creado el 30 Junio 2021 - María Jesús vuela por el mundo que nos rodea, examinándolo todo a su alrededor, con amplitud de miras, vigilando que la verdad, la bondad, la honestidad, la ejemplaridad impere en las personas que nacen para mejorar la sociedad. María Jesús vuela, [...]

– Exemplary Acts.

Let the exemplary dominate our life. It’s time to dream into starsThat are bigAnd here,Reachable to Us. Into dreams that are bigIn deepSignsOf revealed heath,And workHard… In reaching arms. This cultureTo beOneThat beatsThe oneThat bringsClosed eyes, feelings, intentions of mindsClosedTo healing acts. This culture …Enclosed in a pastThat lasts longInside its actsWill remainConstraintTo healingOur worldOut, [...]

– Future Feels Us

transitioning to Japan. It’s emotional.It’s the past.And the present.And what’s to come.All emotions in a rush. It’s the future in life.What we see,JustIn the inner of our eyes,Your eyes…The futureIn front of us. It’s the futureWe don’t seeWhat intriguesThe mind,And makes us lastIn wonders of timeTo come by. It’s excitingWhen it comesAnd we seeThe futureAs [...]

— Subconscious Lived Life…

In the subconscious we trust, to LIVE A complete LIFE. It’s lifeLivedAt best of hearts;When the inner subconsciousBrainAdds. That’s the worthwhileLiving life.The one emergedFrom heartsOf the unconscious:Deep,Inner,InsightsFrom dreams in Us,Merged in harmonyWith outer heartfelt acts. Trusting dreamsMade of sighsOf the subconsciousInnerMind. Our minds work bestFor UsWhen left awayFrom mundane noise,And tasks…AloneTo inventThe ways we pass,Must [...]

– Love. Mum.

Just Us. Love Life in Mum’s Style. LoveLove & love of Mum. LoveFor thisTangible intangibleFeelOf mine,Of Us. In UsWe liveTogether in Skies! Skies we love,To share. In dimensionsOf life, that isEternalFrugalPhysicalSpiritualIn mind, heart, body, shapesIn Us, Mum,Just Us.In Mum. Just Us. Us,In SkiesWe makeAnd Draw,Live, Surf, Joy in, Together In, Forever Share …Live in charm [...]

– Madre. Siempre. Presente.

La fuerza que cambia el mundo, presente. Los recuerdos que cuentan. Y los recuerdosCuentan,En almasAbiertasA agradecer la vida,Y la muerte,Por lo queRepresentaDe apertura a la vidaNueva,En formaDiferente a la nuestra,Ahora. Ahora es la vidaDe mundos tangiblesY sensacionesFísicas,De seres en vida presente.Presentes.La vida que cuenta. El Presente Cuenta. Y la vida es la muerte de almas [...]