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I am expressing ideas, feelings, moments, with digital art. Digital gives a chance to ignite our creativity to get noticed and ignites our brain, so our inner thoughts can be visually expressed, communicated, with art.

I am placing some of my digital art in the Art Balance – Digital Shop in case you are interested in buying a digital download of it. When you click on the art, you can also see under the Description what the piece represents for me, what idea, feeling, experience triggered me to draw it. For every image, what I describe is what it expresses for me. Every image will express different things for different viewers, and that is the great beauty of art.

I will be really greatful to everyone who downloads one of my digital art, as a testament of its value to someone else, as each one is also valuable to me.

Let’s try digital art-ting You!

I am very keen to take requests from people who would like to have the experience of sharing an idea, a feeling, a moment in time, an experience with me, describe it in some detail, and ask me to make a digital art to represent it,… why not trying! If I can give it a go, I will and will share the piece to see if you are interested in downloading it from the Art Balance Digital Shop.

Now, let’s scroll a bit for some Digital Art Show!