From tribes to institutions to markets to networks, humans have organised in groups from their origins, and will do so in the future as we are a social species.

The majority of humanity leaves immersed in their citizenship status, by personal choice or by default, as living in cities, large or small, determines the way we are organised to practice our social nature.

We are all Social Citizens, and the adoption of digital technologies by individuals and by cities will shape the way we conceive “Social”, creating new ways for humans to empathise and network, new ways to be social.

The hUmAn21 Social Citizen will invent the new way to empathise one step at a time: driven by digitalization advances around them, driven by the decisions taken by institutions caring for our day to day life, administrations and businesses, and driven by themselves as demanding and adopters of disruptive technologies that are digital. The hUmAn21 will drive the transformation while caring for the Planet, augmenting their environment’s nature health, creating balance as their citizens become digital. The new way to empathise with other humans and with the environment will determine the transition from markets as we know them towards networks that generate more happiness and success for more, for all.

The hUmAn21 Social Citizen will create networks where they operate and influence, starting with the cities they live. Smart Cities will become new social enterprises by the creation of Artificial Empathy to service their citizens, their hUmAn21s.

These new Social Digital Cities will network to create alike communities, friend-hoods that transform humanity, towards becoming Free, Social, Digital.

A fun website for us all:

I found lots of fun looking at how global we become by physically exploring the world and completing my digital map here… take a look!

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