– Reflections Are Life

Become a reflection of your best possible life, every time. Reflecting on reflectionsAs all is reflected backTo us,From anglesIn time. You feel experiences,YoursAlienTheirs…Which experienceDo you really feel?That gets to youThrough intensityOf thoughts,Of traits,Of touchedPhysicalReality? Experience sensed? Sensing the experienceCreates the feelOf experiencingLife. Which life do your senses sense? Senses are allWe trust inTo check that [...]

In Trust We Trust

The sense we make immortal in us. SourceTruthIn Truth.We sourceLife…For lifeIs truthConvertedTo light. To lightIn you,That getsIntense,WithFriends,And friends,That are the provenFact of facts,Of sourceOf life. Of lifeFor lastingTrust. Of trustThat doesNotExistIn life…That isAroundThis time.This life. This lifeOf trustIn dis-AppearanceFate. Fate ofThisLife. In trustWe God!The lustOf lives livedIn hopeOf GodsOf Trust,SpreadIn souls,In lust,In lost…Get lostIn fake [...]

– Let Truth Lie Outside.

Trust the open sharing of the truth. What are you afraid of? FaceHide HidingIn insideGestures of lies.Why? GesturesInsideAre gesturesOf harm,In the long run.GesturesThat harm everyone’s heart.In the longest of runs. Run away from gesturesThat live insideFor too long. Away from gestureskept insideFor power game’s sake...In long late runs of life,They just harmYour heart. Outside is [...]

– Live. Positive. Now

Now it’s the time. This time. This time.What’s upWith life? This time.For now,It isA time… A timeTo thinkIn thingsOf life;For life.This time. This timeIs real… Real feelOf time,Of fears…Of fearsThat letTimePastIn tears. In tears…In tearsFor life. Live life! In tears…In tears?That’s notFor life! It’s notThe wayTo liveThis life. This life. This timeIs timeTo liveIn joy.In [...]

– Energías de almas convergentes.

Son para siempre. ImportanteEn nosotros,En vidaEterna,En vidaVisible,En vidaSentidaCon nuestrosSensores físicos,Sensores de realidadVivida en vivo,Dimensiones físicasSentidas. DimensionesHumanasExistenSentidas,En mundosDivinosDe energíasCompartidas. Energías compartidas. De energías de luzQue iluminan espíritusVisibles en luzDe energía invisibleA lo físico;De energíasSólo visiblesEn almas;En almas de espíritusInvisibles compartidos;De espíritus invisiblesVisibles al compartir,Visibles cuando sonCompartidos. Espíritus CompartidosTrascienden nuestro mundoFísicoPara converger en el mundoRealDe las personas [...]

—Hay muchas ganas de que vuelva la Humanidad, de verdad.

La Vida 2.0 empieza, en prolongación de lo que nos une de verdad. Hay muchas ganas.Hay muchas ganasDe sentir quiénes somos;De saber que somosLos de antes,Los de siempre,Los seres humanosQue vivimosY sentimosLo que siempreCreímosQue sentiríamosPor siempre… Y que no fuePor siempre,De repente.De repente,No fueLo de siempre. Se truncóLo que siempreHabía sidoLa vidaQue nunca fueDiscutida.Se fuéDe [...]

– Life 2.0: Revived

Our second chance to 21st Century Hope. We now emerge form the pandemic into living life again, in a 2.0 chance and form; we embrace who we have been, only better than before; we take the learning from the suffering, joy, difficulties, discoveries, experiences, adventures, lock-downs and separations; from friends, family, volunteer helpers, and from [...]

Mimic Nature

Reborn in a renewed sameness-looking change to better this life. As Nature has witnessed the recent suffering from humans, She has got stronger and renewed inside, and has chosen this spring time to reveal their inner-built strength into the naked eyes of humans, by showing her presence off, like never before. This way, humans got [...]

World in pockets, World in Mass.

Our world survives in open mass’ hands of shared trust. It is lifeIn all formsThat matterWhat mattersTo us all. Life mattersTo us All.Life isWhat mattersAfter all. All is allWe have to handleIn worlds of grieve. Unnecessarily provokedGrieve. Who is good?Who is wrong?Who is whoTo judgeWho is goodOneAfter All?AfterAllIsAll gone? Not gone. Ever gone. Never gone. [...]

– “Piccadillys” Revived!

Live life in Peaceful Freedom. And it’s PiccadillyA Circle of LoveAnd Life.When pandemics permitPeopleTo LiveLifeThat makes PeopleFeel alive. “Piccadillys” revived! Peaceful Demonstrations,And art.People,In loveIn townWith townsOf tonsOf freeSpeech Corners,And freePeacefulLoveAround. In Piccadilly townsOf love and energy around. With music.With bands.Street bands,Of Street improvised art.In StreetShowsOf trialsPerformed In Live Labs. Experiences sharedWith all and anyonePassingAround.And Around. [...]